Literary Resources

The Common Core State Standards include standards in literacy for science, social studies, and other technical subjects.  As subject-area teachers, helping students deal with literacy in the content area goes a long way to helping students achieve at higher levels.

External LinkStrategy Guide: Reading With Purpose in the Content Area
External LinkStrategy Guide: Preparing Students for Success with Reading in the Content Areas
External LinkStrategy Guide: Supporting Student Comprehension in Content Area Reading

CCSS History and Social Studies Literacy Standards

External LinkGrades 6-8  
External LinkGrades 9-10  
External LinkGrades 11-12

CCSS Science and Technical Subjects Literacy Standards

External LinkGrades 6-8
External LinkGrades 9-10
External LinkGrades 11-12 

Video Support

External LinkMeeting the Demands of the Common Core: Mentoring Readers of Science and Technical Texts
External LinkSTEM Poetry: Poetry and Engineering  
STEM Poetry: Poetry and Math  
External LinkSTEM Poetry: Poetry and Science

Additional Resources

External LinkWriting Across the Curriculum


External LinkBBC Science and Environment 
External LinkBiology News 
External LinkCurrent Event Science     
External LinkDogoNews (good for all content areas)
External LinkEarth and Sky     
External LinkEducation Place
External LinkFirst Science
External LinkEarthquake Science Explained   
External LinkMacroevolution    
External LinkNational Geographic     
External LinkNature  
External LinkNature News 
External LinkNOAA   
External LinkNOVA - Science Now   
External LinkPhysical Science Teacher   
External LinkPopular Science   
External LinkProCon  
External LinkProCon for Teachers and Librarians  
External LinkSchool Page for Current Events  
External LinkScientific American  
External LinkScience Current Event Articles
External LinkScience Daily   
External LinkScience Magazine  
External LinkScience News   
External LinkScience News for Kids   
External LinkVision Learning   
External LinkWindows to the Univers