School Board

Board of Education 2024

President: Earl C. Rickman, III
Vice President:  Dr. David McFadden
Secretary: Dontae' Walker
Treasurer: Jaime Collins
Trustees:  Sheila Cohoon, Jason Monk, Jeanine Walker

See School Board Members page for contact information for all board members.

What does the School Board do?

The Board of Education is responsible to school district citizens for the education of public school students. The School Board approves programs of study, textbooks and hiring of teachers and administrators. It also endorses offerings such as adult and youth enrichment classes, early childhood education and high school completion programs.

Securing sites, constructing and equipping school buildings is a School Board responsibility. Obtaining and budgeting money to operate the schools is also School Board business. The school district budget is explained and approved by the School Board at a public meeting each June. Responsibility for executing  Board of Education policies rests with the superintendent of schools.

The seven elected members, or trustees, of the Board of Education serve staggered four-year terms. The School Board elects officers for one-year terms and confirms subcommittee assignments at its organizational meeting each January.

When Board vacancies occur, the remaining trustees appoint a new member to serve until the next Board of Education election is held. Board of Education elections are conducted in November.


Upcoming School Board Meeting