School Board Goals

Goal Area 1

Finances and Deficit Elimination Plan (DEP)

1.1  Meet DEP plan.
1.2  Enhance building usage (e.g., auditorium, gym, pool, planetarium).
1.3  Reduce costs of special education program.
1.4  Explore refinancing of bonds.
1.5  Keep doors open and independently operating.

Goal Area 2


2.1  Increase student progress and achievement.
2.2  Improve district assessment program.
2.3  Move fourth-grade students back to Seminole.
2.4  Explore year-round learning.
2.5  Improve percentile ranking of Seminole.
2.6  Increase foreign language classes.

Goal Area 3

Community Outreach

3.1  Engage School Board members with parents in sharing information.
3.2  Rotate meetings to different buildings.
3.3  Establish community outreach to students who don't attend school.
3.4  Provide inter-generational exchanges in buildings.
3.5  Promote post-graduate, life-long learning.
3.6  Collaborate with other districts/charters.

Board Book

Upcoming School Board Meeting

  • 12 Jun
    • School Board Workshop 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
      School Board Workshop
      Date: Jun 12
      Time: 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
      Location: Secondary Complex Administrative Work Center
      Calendar: School Board
  • 19 Jun