[UPDATED 3/23/2021]

2020/2021 Cafeteria Service:

Seminole Academy


In Class 9am (Kindergarten in Cafeteria)


Hot Meal in Cafeteria

Take Home Meals

Tuesday - 1 meal package (breakfast & lunch)

Friday - 2 meal package

Secondary Complex


Pickup Outside Entrance 6:50am-7:20am


Hot Meal in Cafeteria

Take Home Meals

Tuesday - 1 meal package (breakfast & lunch)

Friday - 2 meal package


Remote Learners

Wednesday Pick-Up 11am-1pm; Orders placed week prior, see "How to Place An Order" below

Wednesday Delivery 9am -1pm via Trinity Transportation

Includes: 7 breakfast, 7 lunch, 14 milks

Call 586-461-3741 to schedule delivery

1. Visit or use the mobile app  "Nutrislice"

2. Select Pickup or Delivery

3. Select the student's home school

4. Select the following Monday's meal (This order includes Monday through Wednesday's meals) then select Thursday's meal (This order includes Thursday through Sunday's meals)

5. Click on the Shopping Bag Icon in top right corner to finalize order

6. This will prompt you to login (or create an account)

7. On the checkout screen, continue to enter remaining order details, i.e. delivery address if applicable, special notes to food service, etc & verify quantities ordered (You may order for more than one student by ordering more than 1 of each meal)

8. Submit Order

9. You will receive a confirmation via email

10. If you have a pick-up order you will need to provide the name the order was placed for or the confirmation number

M.L. King - Meal Service:

All students will continue to receive meals in class. As an equal opportunity providers, SFE will ensure that all student programs will have access to meals during remote learning days as well.

We ask that parents contact us via email or phone, 586-461-3741 to place orders for take-home meals. If emailing, please include the following: Student Name, Teacher/Classroom #, Program/Session & phone number.

FYI - Preorders must be submitted by Wednesday night, the week prior!

Take-Home Meals Include:

Mondays: 1 Take-Home Lunch for AM Sessions

Tuesdays: 1 Take-Home Lunch + 5-Day Take Home Meal Package for AM Sessions

Wednesdays: 1 Take-Home Breakfast for PM Sessions

Thursdays: 1 Take-HomeBreakfast + 5-Day Take Home Meal Package for PM Sessions

                           3-Day Take Home Meal Package for GSRP

Click Here for King's MENU

[UPDATED 11/19/2020]

If your child has been identified as having a disability and has special dietary needs, changes can be made to your child’s school breakfast and/or lunch at no extra charge with the proper documentation from a licensed medical professional. 

Click here to complete Special Diet Form

Do you have children/students outside of the Mount Clemens Community School District and need to keep them fed? Food Finder and Feeding America are great resources!