Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Michigan Department of Human Services


Your Success Coaches are Here to Help With:

  • Help with Attendance Barriers

  • Help with School Supplies

  • Help with Clothing

  • Help with Winter Attire – Hats, Gloves, Coats, Boots

  • Help with D.H.H.S. Assistance Applications

  • Help with Transportation

  • Help Connecting you with Resources

  • Help with Utility Shut-Offs & Evictions

  • Help with Food

  • Help with Medical Needs


APPLY ONLINE for all Benefits and to View Your Case

  • Check Your Benefits

  • Report Changes

  • Complete Redeterminations, Mid-Certifications, Semi-Annual Reviews

  • View Appointments & Read Letters from the D.H.H.S.

  • Upload Verifications

Success Coaches

Mark Heitman


Holly Edleston


Office Hours

Secondary Complex
Monday from 8am-4pm
Tuesday - Thursday 8am-12pm


Seminole Academy
Tuesday - Thursday 1pm-4pm
Friday from 8am-4pm

Summer Hours

Secondary Complex
Monday - Thursday 8am-12pm and 1pm-4pm